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How To Earn Money With Your Website!

What are you doing with your website? Everyone has different reasons for starting up a website. But, usually the main reason is for profit. Even if you didn't intend to make a profit from your site, you still can. It is easier than you may think!

Once you have your own web site, make money by advertising for others with referral partner accounts or affiliate accounts! Make money while you sleep! I only list here the ones that have actually paid me money.

HOSTGATOR - You can't help but notice all of the ads on my site for Hostgator! The reason for that is that they pay me $50 for every person that clicks on their ad and buys their hosting service! $50!! I bought the HostGator service because I did a lot of research on what hosting company  would benefit me the most with the websites I design. I ended up with Hostgator. THEN I found their affiliate program and started adding their links to my site. I am really excited about this one! It has unlimited earnings potential for me.

Google AdSense! I have tried a lot of affiliate programs over the years, but Google Adsense has turned out to be the best one I have seen yet. You place their code on your web page and the ads actually recognize the content of that one page (as long as you have your meta tags and have text on the page) and serve up targeted links pertaining to the subject of the page. Then you get paid per click for the Google Ads! When you your account has reached $100, they will pay you. The ad below is one example of a Google Ad:

Selfpromotion is a fantastic search engine submission service! Their referral program pays you 10% for every new customer you send to them. Selfpromotion is a service that supplies you with lists of all of the search engines and directories and makes it easy for you to choose the ones that you want to submit to and submit to them with a click of the mouse. It is so easy to use and you pay them what ever you want to pay them to continue using the service. I highly recommend them for getting your web site into the search engines.

Amazon.com is a favorite of mine. They have a large assortment of products now. At one time, they mainly offered books. Now you can offer just about anything you can think of to your visitors and make commissions from Amazon! Open an entire store! They mail out checks or do direct deposits quarterly.

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