Paint Shop Pro Tubes

Paint Shop Pro is a fantastic image editing software! One of my favorite things about Paint Shop Pro are the picture tubes. You can use any of the tubes already installed with the program, you can design your own or you can find tubes that others have made and placed on the Internet for you to download.

Designing Your Own Tubes

Designing your own tubes for Paint Shop Pro is simple. Especially if you are wanting just one image in the tube. Here is how to make one image:

Open up a photo or graphic that has the image that you want to use as a tube. Make sure the image is set on 16 Million colors. If not, change it. You want your image to be fairly large, not tiny. The reason for this is because you can size the tube down and get a really good graphic when you use it on another project. But if it is small, enlarging it makes it distorted. Select the image by using the magic wand or freehand to make a selection. Go to "edit" and click on "copy". Now go to "edit" again and click on "Paste" then click on "As New Image". Your image should now show up on a transparent background. If you need to do any touchups on the graphic, do it now. Go to "File" the "Export", click on "Picture Tube". Since you are only using one image for this tube, you don't have to change the rows across and down because they are already set at "1". Name your file anything you want. Click on "OK" and now your tube should show up in the tube selection to use on any of your projects. Easy!





Paint Shop Pro is an excellent alternative to higher-priced image-editing applications, with many of the same features as the big boys on the block--and even file and plug-in compatibility with Adobe's popular tool, Photoshop.